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AmigaClassic / Projects
Info Name Description Date
0A1200-8MbThis is a 8MB FastRam board for A1200.Aug 10 2019
0A314An expansion board for the A500 that goes in the trapdoor expansion slot.Aug 11 2019
0ADF-CopyHardware to read & write Amiga disks on PC Floppy drive.Aug 10 2019
0Amiga1200+Re-implementation of A1200 board started from the schematics.Aug 10 2019
0Amiga2000-ReplicaProject for the fans of the awesome Rev 6.X series of the A2000!Aug 11 2019
0Amiga4000-ReplicaProject for the fans of the awesome Amiga 4000!Aug 11 2019
0HID2AMIFirst Class HID controller to AMIGA adaptor and converter.Aug 10 2019
0HcX2001Universal Floppy Disk drive emulators/replacement solutions.Aug 10 2019
0HxC2001A Floppy Emulator with SD card.Aug 12 2019
0RatteAutoSwitchA monitor switch to switch between Native and RTG display.Aug 14 2019
0Re-Amiga1200A PCB based on the A1200 Rev1D.4 motherboard.Aug 10 2019
0Warp1260A new 68060 accelerator for Amiga 1200.Aug 10 2019

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